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Walking Services

Everything your pet desires

With Kate’s Paws Pet Services, you will find everything you need - we make sure your pets get plenty of fresh air and exercise in order to develop their physical fitness and social skills and we specialise in off lead pack walks in countryside settings, letting dogs be dogs. Outdoor activities in real life settings not only provide an opportunity for exercise, but also help to curb bad habits by giving pets a chance to release excess energy and socialise with other animals. Every walk is GPS tracked and logged so you have absolute peace of mind when it comes to where your pet has been.

1 Hour Group Walk

From £10

1 hour group walk with sociable dogs, a great way to burn off energy, make new friends and keep boredom at bay.

Suitable for dogs 6 months plus following an assessment period. 

Half Day Service

From £16

Let your dog be a dog walkers dog for the day! The half day service includes a minimum of 2 hours outside exercise and a minimum of 3 hours with Kate, meaning less time spent home alone. Great for sociable, well behaved dogs, they'll spend the day exploring with me. 
Suitable for dogs 9 months and older following an assessment period, please seek veterinary advice before booking this service. 
Price is postcode dependant and availability is limited, please contact us for more details.

Pack Trek

From £15

Pack Trek Walks are Kate's signature service, 2 - 3 hours of off lead countryside walks with doggy pals, snacks and water. Give your dog the run around before the weekend to burn off any extra energy. We currently run these every last Friday of the month and availability is extremely limited, so please book early! 

Suitable for well behaved dogs 9 months and older, please seek veterinary advice before booking this service. 

1 Hour Private Walk

From £15

Is your dog missing out on crucial exercise time due to anxiety or stress?  Don’t let this interfere with your furry friend’s well-being. Give the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of our services and book a private 1 hour walk where we'll work with your pet to find a way to get the exercise they need.

30 minutes also available from £9

Small Animal Home Visit

From £5

Home visits are a great way to get your pet the attention they deserve when you can't be there. This service can be for anything from puppy visits until they're ready for the big outdoors, older dogs who just want a cuddle or small furries that need their water topping up. Whatever the request, we can fit you in.

Puppy Visit

From £9

Does your pet need more personalized attention? Puppies often need help getting used to the great outdoors at a slower pace than their grown up counterparts, so this service is a private walk to build your puppies confidence. This is also great for older dogs who prefer to take it down a pace in their golden retirement.

We will work on vital skills to get them ready to join group walks, introduce them to selected dogs, the team and our vehicles. 

Dog Park Trip

Socialization and Relief

Does your pet need more personalized attention? Do they have trouble getting along with others? Dog Park Trip is a great option for those cuddly buddies who can get a bit defensive around others. As I spend more time outside with them, your pet will become more comfortable with being around other animals.

Remember, your pets needs are unique and at Kate's Paws we pride ourselves on working closely with you and your pet to find a routine that works for you both. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch and we'll be glad to help!